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Contact US

Please contact us by Email. We will send you our email after we verified your order.

Please do not ask us your order ID or tracking ID. We will send you order ID and tracking ID once we get it.

For Order tracking ID, the best choice is to contact the email that sent you order ID.

We will send you a welcome email if you are first time customer.

Please reply the email with “YES” and we begin to process your order. Or your order will not be processed.

Please contact us the email: s***

For COD orders,

The pharm doesnot answer our questions, what we can do is to send you tracking ID and Order ID.

Please contact us four business day later if you have not received your order ID and tracking ID.

The Pharm update their system before USPS. USPS needs time to update their system. Please wait till USPS update their system if you donot see the package movement.

For CC orders,

Please contact us if you have any questions. The pharm answer our questions because they are afraid of charge back. But please save  both yours and our time if you have received your tracking ID.

After your CC is charged, your order was sent to doctor to review. So we cannot send you tracking ID immediately after your card is charged.